Sunday, April 24, 2011

April Recap

So this is the longest gap to date between blog post.  Time is flying by and I haven’t taken the time to blog about EVERYTHING that’s happened over the past month and a half.  So I will do a brief recap
The last time I posted was the night before St. Patrick’s Day (Lark’s Favorite Holiday).  To celebrate, we went downtown for a little Guinness and Sheppard’s Pie.

On March 19th, some friends that I run with ran the Georgia Full and Half Marathon.  A few of us decided it would be fun to drive down and cheer the girls on.  The race began at 7AM and majority of the roads were going to be blocked at 6AM.  Therefore, we left Greenville at 4AM.  That’s right…4AM.   Needless to say, no one slept on the way to Atlanta.  It was an amazing experience to be there and cheer our friends on.  We started at Mile 2 and then worked our way to the finish line to cheer on the Half Marathoners (Whitney, Heather and Carmine) and then walked to Mile 25 to run the last mile w/ Nova. 

Waiting at Mile 2....where's the cowbell

Meeting up with Nova at Mile 25

Celebrating at the end!

Four weeks ago a group of us went to see Prince.  This was the 2nd time that I’ve seen him in concert.  The first time was about 6 years ago in Columbia.  To this day, I always said that his concert was the BEST ever.  I stand by that statement after seeing him again on March 28th.  He did not disappoint.  He played for nearly 3 hours and sang most of all “the hits”  He even opened the show with Purple Rain….not the traditional way of starting a show but FABULOUS!!
The month of April began with a trip to Charleston to run the Cooper River Bridge Run.  This is no ordinary 10K.  It started in Mount Pleasant for a two mile stretch of flat land and then you run across the Ravenell Bridge and then into the heart of Charleston.  Mile 3 is an incline to the top of the bridge and mile 4 is downhill to the bottom of the bridge before exiting off onto King Street in Downtown Charleston for another 2 miles of flat land.  There were bands on the bridge playing music and 40,000 people with one common goal… “Getting Over The Bridge”.  To me this was not a race about was about time well spent.  I held back so I could run w/ a few of my girls from the “sole sisters” that had never done a 10K before.  We went into the run knowing that we wanted to just have fun.  We stopped along the way to take pictures and so I could dance with the bands….The finish line was great because we all crossed it together.  We all celebrated that evening with a Fabulous dinner at Water’s Edge in Mount Pleasant.

waiting in our corral before the start of the took 30 mins  just to get to the start line

If there's a Band....I will dance!! 

Celebratory Dinner @ Water's Edge

Two weeks ago Lark and I participated in the American Lung Association “Fight For Air Stair Climb”.  Again, not the typical 5K kind of event.  This is hard core, climbing 30 flights of stairs.  It took me 6 mins and 23 secs.  I was 2nd in my age group….just 6 seconds under the 1st place in my age category…must have been that LONG pause at 12th floor.  Lark won his age group with a time of 7min, 11 secs.  I was so proud of him.  He even got a medal!!

waiting in the hallway before climbing the stairs

With one more week left in April and a calendar full of events I’m trying to find time to plant flowers in the yard and visit with family and sneak in a few long runs before my next 10K on May 7th. 
I really have missed posting and will try to not have as long of a break between post again.
Happy Trails