Sunday, January 23, 2011

Sneakers to Stilettos

So yesterday I had a “first”.  I completed my first 10 mile run.  Granted it was broken into segments.  It began with a 6 mile run downtown Greenville @ 7AM …roughly 27 Degrees outside.  Then, I met up with the hubby and some of the Stoic Runners to participate in the Greenville News 5K.  After running through the finish line I went back out for one more mile. 

Pre-Race sporting our "Upstate Crossfit" T's

1/4 of the Mon/Wed/Sat Group


This was actually Lark’s first 5K.  He said he enjoyed it and would consider doing it again…but not on a regular basis like I do.  The getting up early and standing around in 30 Degree weather to run three miles is just not his cup of tea.
After the race we had a fabulous breakfast at MaryBeth’s with my Mon/Wed/Sat Running group.  Fueled by coffee and a spinach & feta omelette,  I set out to treat myself for accomplishing 10 miles.  My friend and fellow running buddy Jill and I went for a Hot Stone Pedicure.  It was so nice to soak my feet in hot water and then have someone rub hot stones & lotion up and down my legs.  As if this wasn’t pampering at its best, I left the spa and headed to the mall for a little retail therapy…..Hey, I’m still on my feet and walking…can we say extra miles….
While strolling through Belk,  I stumbled across these cute pumps on the clearance rack with an additional 50% off the Clearance Price.  (How can I pass up $12.00 shoes)  As best described by Miss Truvey in Steel Magnolias, “These are just too Cha Cha for words”!  I just love the pink lining and the fun buckle.  These will be great for changing up outfits.  I might add the shoes are very comfortable.

A girl can never have too many shoes
(Taupe Suede with Pink Leather Lining)

Speaking of comfortable….. my new running shoes.  This week I traded in my “tires” for a new pair of running shoes.  Thought I should break them in over the next few weeks before the Half.  The Saucony Kinvara are so cushiony and light and the black and aqua are pretty groovy too.  I can’t recall the last time, if ever, that I had black sneakers.
my new "tires"

The rest of my weekend has been pretty low key.  Today I made White Bean Chili w/ Turkey and have spent most of the day watching the two playoff games.  Overall, it’s been a great weekend!!  Hopefully the weather will cooperate and “wintery mix” will not interfere with my running.  I need to add another day of running to my week and then tackle the 11miler this weekend.
Happy Sunday

Monday, January 10, 2011

Brrr, It's Cold Outside

The weather man said it would happen and it did.  SNOW in Greenville, SC.  At first I was a skeptic and didn’t believe it would come to fruition.  But when I woke up this morning, there was not just a dusting or the icky sleet and rain we are used to, this was fun powdery snow and about 7-9 inches to boot.   So what do you do when you are home from work and it’s snowing outside?  You go sledding!!  I can’t tell you how long it’s been since I went sledding.  We suited up and went to a nearby golf course (Along with half of Simpsonville) and hit the hills.  What a rush to get in the sled and fly down a hill.  I will say that it took me a lot longer to get back up the hill than it did to go down.  So much for hill repeats this week during my runs.   After sledding we headed over to the neighbors (A&K and G6) to have Shrimp & Grits and play some board games.  A new favorite of mine is now “Sequence".  We had a blast playing games.  Last winter we spent many friday nights with A&K playing board games.  So I'm always happy to find new games to put in the rotation.
Our Snow Covered House

Me and Lark

Sledding with one of my best girls...Amy

Can we say Snow Plow.....

Today was the perfect way to end Lark’s Birthday Weekend.  His birthday was yesterday.  We spent Saturday night in Charlotte and had a fabulous dinner with friends and family at "Cowfish Sushi Burger Bar".  I had “Burgushi”.  It’s a fusion of a burger and sushi.  Very Tasty!  Then again, anything with pimento cheese is tasty to me!  Lark had eel and more eel.  Delicious!!!    If you ever in Charlotte, NC, I highly recommend checking out
 After returning home, I made Lark’s favorite “Cherry Chip Cake with Cherry Icing”.  This year I actually made cupcakes so we wouldn’t be as tempted to eat a whole cake.  If only the office would open sometime this week so I can get the leftovers out of the house!!!

It looks as if tomorrow will be another “Snow Day”.  I think I will take this time to finish packing away the Christmas Decorations and maybe even clean out my closet. (Yes, I said packing away...all decorations have been taken down)  I just need to go to the attic.   It would be nice to get in a run somewhere but I don’t see myself getting on the roads while there is snow and ice still on the ground.  I’m trying to remain injury free…. I do have a half marathon coming up in less than 39 days. 
If you are out of school, out of work and have some snow around, embrace your inner child and go sledding.  It does a body good....oh wait, did i just find another bruise??
Happy Monday!

Wednesday, January 05, 2011

Here Goes Nothing

About a year ago I started a blog on my wedding site.   It was fun, informative and easy to do.  Setting up this blog has been quite the challenge.  Gadgets, Layouts, Backgrounds, Oh My!!  My plan for this blog is to share things going on in my life and pure randomness.  Most who know me can attest to my randomness on a lot of things!  For now, I’m going to share the top ten things I’m loving right now:
1.       My Husband, My Family, and My Friends (yes, I know that is 3…but spare me here)
2.       Running and the awesome group of ladies that I run with (Over time you will learn about them)
3.       The soreness from Deadlifts and Burpees at Crossfit.  (I’ve been on a hiatus way too long)
4.       My New Hair Color.  Yes, I went Darker for the Winter and LOVE IT.
5.       Modern Family and Cougar Town
6.       OPI Nail Polish “All A-Bordeaux The Sled”
7.       Kenny Chesney’s Song “ Somewhere With You”
8.       Taster’s Choice Instant Coffee Packs – Hazelnut
9.       The Smell of the Christmas Cookie Candle Burning in the Kitchen
10.   The search for the perfect pair of brown boots.  It’s a love/hate thing!
With that being said, here’s to a brand new year, new goals and a new blog.  Stayed Tuned for More!!
With love