Wednesday, March 16, 2011

March Already!?!

Where is the time going?  It has been almost two weeks since my last post yet it feels like  yesterday.  The first weekend in March I completed month 3 of the “Run for the Bling of It” Challenge by running in the Reedy River 10K.  For those not aware of this challenge, click on the side bar and check it out.  One race per month for the entire year.  So I’m 3 down with 9 more to go.  I have things lined up for runs in April (Cooper River Bridge Run 10K), May (Best Dam Run 10K) and June (Simpsonville Sunrise 8K).

Back to the Reedy River 5K/10K.  It was a RAINY morning and this was the first time that I had gone above 4 miles since the Half.  I wasn’t in the best mood the morning of the run and arrived downtown quite frazzled…Once the gun sounded I decided to just run and leave everything going through my mind out on the streets of Greenville.
I brought along a trash bag to use in the event that it really started pouring.  The rain was light yet steady the entire time.  Good thing I was properly dressed and had a ball cap.  By the time I hit mile 5, I still had the trash bag in my hand.  I decided to toss in the trash when we passed through the park…  No need to have a bag in my hands when trying to cross the finish line.   
The last mile of the race was ALL UP HILL.  Granted, I’m not as scared of hills as I used to be thanks to weekly hill repeats…..but a hill such as Broad Street at the end of a 10K can wear on your nerves just a bit.  I found a buddy while running the hill and we decided to push it and not stop until we reached the top.  We both did it and then sprinted downhill to cross the finish line very close to one another.  Looking back,  I found this to be a great run!  It was even a PR for me.  My first 10K was New Years Eve (12.31.10) and I finished in 1:13.  I finished the Reedy River with a chip time of 1:09.  I think it must have been the rain and the sole sisters cheering section at the end.   Lark even had a PR on his 5K.  In keeping w/ race day ritual we all gathered for breakfast afterwards.  This time I treated myself to a Mexican Mocha that was oh so delightful…thank you Coffee Underground!!

This past weekend was very low key…something that is needed every now and again.  I tend to keep a full calendar.  By Choice…but there’s always something going on!!  We took advantage of the weather and had a fire in the firepit Saturday night.  St. Patrick’s Day is Lark’s FAVORITE holiday so on Sunday we spent time with friends’ downtown at the “Return to the Green” Irish Festival.  I do see another celebration in our future tomorrow downtown at the Blarney Bash.  Maybe Lark will wear the Green Shamrock & UGA Socks that he wore on our wedding day….

I do see another celebration in our future tomorrow downtown at the Blarney Bash.  Maybe Lark will wear the Green Shamrock & UGA Socks that he wore on our wedding day….

Until then, Happy Wednesday and St. Patrick’s Day

Tuesday, March 01, 2011

Live From The Red Carpet

I have to admit that I love to get dressed up for a night on the town.  Not just the typical dressed up w/ jeans, cute top, etc.  I’m talking about the whole nine yards… cocktail dress, heels, fun jewelry,

Sunday night was the annual Junior League Oscar Night America Party.   Granted, prior to the event I had only seen one of the films nominated in some form for an Oscar.  Sunday morning over coffee, Lark and I watched The Social Network.  I wanted to see Black Swan but not a single theater in Greenville County was showing the film. Seriously…what’s that about?  All Oscar films should remain in the theaters until after the awards ceremony.

Prior to making our way down the red carpet…yes, the JLG actually rolls out the red carpet, we had a cocktail at Nantucket’s. I was even able to convince the bartender to turn the TV to E! so we could watch the stars make their way into the Kodak Theatre.    Let me rewind to say that a few of us decided to leave the fellas at home for this event and make it a girl’s night.    It was so much fun to watch and comment on all the dresses. 

The remainder of the evening was spent mingling, checking out the silent auction items and of course watching the Oscars.  My favorite of the night was Sandra Bullock.  She looked amazing in the Red Vera Wang…of course I do have a soft spot for Vera since my wedding dress was a Vera Wang design.

I have to admit that I wish the Oscars were held on a Saturday night vs. a Sunday.  It was a late night and a little difficult to get up early for work Monday morning but worth it in the end!  Kudos to the Junior League for a Fabulous ONA.