Wednesday, January 05, 2011

Here Goes Nothing

About a year ago I started a blog on my wedding site.   It was fun, informative and easy to do.  Setting up this blog has been quite the challenge.  Gadgets, Layouts, Backgrounds, Oh My!!  My plan for this blog is to share things going on in my life and pure randomness.  Most who know me can attest to my randomness on a lot of things!  For now, I’m going to share the top ten things I’m loving right now:
1.       My Husband, My Family, and My Friends (yes, I know that is 3…but spare me here)
2.       Running and the awesome group of ladies that I run with (Over time you will learn about them)
3.       The soreness from Deadlifts and Burpees at Crossfit.  (I’ve been on a hiatus way too long)
4.       My New Hair Color.  Yes, I went Darker for the Winter and LOVE IT.
5.       Modern Family and Cougar Town
6.       OPI Nail Polish “All A-Bordeaux The Sled”
7.       Kenny Chesney’s Song “ Somewhere With You”
8.       Taster’s Choice Instant Coffee Packs – Hazelnut
9.       The Smell of the Christmas Cookie Candle Burning in the Kitchen
10.   The search for the perfect pair of brown boots.  It’s a love/hate thing!
With that being said, here’s to a brand new year, new goals and a new blog.  Stayed Tuned for More!!
With love


  1. Taster Choice coffee....I guess you have to be there!

  2. OH and I just realized...Somewhere With, Love, LOVE that song!!!

  3. I wanna see this new haircolor!! Brown boots -- Macy's. Just got a pair on clearance there last week. I LOVE you and your blogaroonie. RED is SO YOU!! :)