Sunday, July 24, 2011

Millions of Peaches...Peaches For Me

July marks the 7th month of the Run for the Bling Challenge.  It’s hard to believe that we are 5 months away from end of 2011.

In June at the Sunrise 8K, I was starting to feel like races were losing their luster.  I think it was a culmination of things.  Being at an event that wasn’t very organized, the weather was very steamy for 6AM and I really didn’t feel like running for time…I just wanted to get a long run in. 

I can’t imagine doing 2-3 races per month as I have seen from other bloggers participating in the run for the bling challenge. 

July’s race was much different than June.  I chose the SC Peach Festival Road Race in Gaffney, SC.  I signed up for the 5K.  It was my 1st 5K since January. 

 It was a simple, yet challenging out and back.  The hills proved to be worthy. (Thankful that we do hill repeats during our weekly runs).  The last stretch of the race was great.  It was a downhill slope and I had my eyes on passing the two ladies that had been in front of me during the race.  A couple of people along the street were great motivators cheering “almost there”…”keep pushing”.  I took off into a full sprint for about a minute to cross the finish line.  I left it all right there crossing the line and it felt great.

Moments after the finish, while I was trying to get the time chip off my shoe, one of my running partners came across the finish line.  We were both elated at our performance and worked our way over to the post race snack for some water and of course….peaches!!!

Overall, I’m glad that I did this race.  It gave me the rejuvenation that I needed!!

Happy Trails,

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