Sunday, September 18, 2011

Where O' Where Did Summer Go??

Summer Flew by…guess that is what happens when you’re having fun right??  The summer was spent pretty much hanging around Greenville considering our vacation to San Fran and Wine Country is during coming up soon and then we are going to Jacksonville late fall for the UGA v. Florida game.
We did however manage to get in some fun summer activities.  August was a month of concerts.  Keith Urban in Atlanta, Georgia and Kid Rock w/ Cheryl Crow in Charlotte, NC.    Keith Urban was great.  His concerts never disappoint.  Kid Rock was fun too…the people watching was a real treat!! 

Enjoying the Show with Lark, Laura and Dan
(Lark's sister and her husband joined us for the concert)

KK and I take a moment from "Rocking Out" to Kid Rock to pose for the Camera

Wonderful Friends ...Kristen and Chris

Kid Lark was his nickname for the night

The best part about the end of summer is the beginning of College Football.  It’s a fun time of year for me and the hubby.  Being alum of the University of South Carolina, I pull for the Gamecocks.  Lark’s a graduate of The University of Georgia.  I have to admit that I also pull for UGA when they are not playing the Gamecocks.  We normally make it to a couple of games a year in either Athens or Columbia.  It just depends on whether or not we are able to get tickets.  Last Saturday we went to Athens for the USC v. UGA game.  I was so excited to watch my Gamecocks win in Athens. 
Half-Time in Athens, Georgia

I managed to get my “race” in at the end of the month.  This month was my first “virtual race”.  Since there were no local races around the area during the month of August, I signed up for a race on  I had to complete a 5K between Aug 25-31th and post my time on the website.  For the 5K, I chose to do the Greenville News Route on Aug 31.  My time was decent…37 mins.  Not my best 5K, I will blame it on the heat…. I did get a "virtual trophey" for completing the event.

 My September race will also have to be a virtual 5K.  I’ve signed up for one though and will complete that within the next two weeks.
I’m currently training like I would for a Half Marathon.  My long runs have been averaging 7-8 miles on Saturdays with Speed Work on Mondays and a Tempo Run on Wed.  The other two days have been devoted to 9 Rounds though I’m considering starting back Cross Fit.  I just have to find balance so my body/legs aren’t TOAST by the time that Saturday comes around for my long run.  I’m not signed up for a ½ at this moment.  Too many things (travel) going on and I’m out of town on the weekends of races or big events around Greenville.  I do plan to do Myrtle Beach Half again in February and possibly another one in early spring.  I have to admit that I’m really enjoying the long runs (7-8 miles) on Saturday.  Maybe it’s the cooler weather or maybe it’s the group I run with…probably a little of both.  But this mileage seems to be a lot easier and more comfortable than it did 10 months ago. CRAZY, I know!

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